Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hot pic of da day: LEO DICAPRIO! here's to his younger days...

hope you enjoy this photo.  Unfortunately as I discovered, none of the pictures off this blog can be directly made into a wallpaper.  You'll have to right click on each photo (try right clicking from my blog post or clicking on the photo itself and then right clicking) to save the photo and THEN do whatever it is to make it your wallpaper.  anyway...*sigh*...I have quite a bit to do today so I should get goin'...I have to trademark hayley's pic as well and then I'll be done yay!!!! w00t.   
'til tomorrow folks,

Monday, October 18, 2010

cute (whether you agree or not) wallpaper of the day: HAYLEY of paramore.

had some fun here.  you can find the original pic about anywhere and complain all you want, or 
you can have a more open mind and make this your freakin' wallpaper! (if you click on the image without right clicking or holding ctrl or whatev it's still workable as a good-size wallpaper, just click on the "make wallpaper" prompt on your compy) I worked perrty hard to be
honest, so if you have any heart plz comment.  well, not to be hard on you.  just a reminder, or i'll
steal ur lunch money.
c.lamb ;-) ;-)

just a short little post to credit the photos in my first entry:

for the photo of hayley in her black-white shirt: elana CXLIV on flickr.com
also the other photo of the same outfit: The Toad
and finally....the concert photo at the bottom of the list: >Play on flickr.com
all three can be find on that website.

thanks y'all, if you ever come across the photos I used!!!! they're awesome.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

some more of the most aaaaAh-mazing bands! put together in a most clever kaliedoscopic way. courtesy of me ;-)

U2. like it or not, bono has led them to dominate and keep the name of legit mainstream rock from day one!

love u2.
next is 311.  the coolest band to blend rastafaria rap and alternative.  aaaahmazing.

linkin park's pretty cool too.  too bad their new stuff's not leading up to their hardcore sounding legacy...

(this last one was pretty interesting eh? very circular harmony or whatever the word is...lol don't remember.  just the way the arms and chester's face and everything synchronize.  weird.

Anyway.  one last kaliedoscope.  and this one's for RADIOHEAD!!!!
all salute one of England's awesomest bands!!!!!!!!!!!
(come on, it doesn't hurt to get a little cheesy)

this last one has GOT to be my ultimate fave!!!!!!!
god damn i need to do more awesome stuff like this.

Hefty helpings of commentary well accepted by all!
Thanks if you enjoyed and looked at everything.
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get real and support music yall.
well anyway.
have a good one my blog readers.  keep surfin' and dodgin' all those stereotypical ones for
more original ones, as I've found a lot of the themes passe.  Sorry, it's just my humble opinion, but it's one that I believe in.


some of the COOLEST photos of the COOLEST BAND ever...

may i introduce.  PARAMORE!!!!!!

CREdits to NRK P3 on flickr.com. I love Hayley's get up, the capture of color, everything!!!

Here are two more images I found.  I am amazed by the extreme enthusiasm this band possesses.
Check out hayley and them on tour:

oh yeah, lemme just say they were awesome on tour in San Jose.  went there with my bf and had the awesomest time.  It was the Honda Civic tour this summer.  (not the one above--this one had constant technical visual effects like video footage themes and stuff.  the themes changed with each song mood and I loved it!  I swear I'd give anything to go to Warped tour again, not really just because a band like Paramore might happen to show up (and most likely they aren't next summer)--but I don't know, just cuz I dig the energy of punk/alternative concerts. Well anyway, I gotta get back to hw I've been putting back 'til the weekend...so...thus ends my very first post.  I won't put off citing those three last photos.  Will do it in next post--promise it y'all!